Game Bird Shooting

Shoot Grouse at some of the finest and exclusive estates in Scotland and Northern England.

Available throughout England and Wales, you can choose to shoot Partridge and Pheasant on some unique estates.

Shoots are subject to availability and the cost is always calculated per bird. The norm for partridge and pheasant shooting is somewhere between 200 to 300 birds.

A Typical Shooting Excursion

A group of eight guns arrived from the Mid West of America in their own transatlantic jet liner. I organized for them to stay at Browns Hotel over the weekend so that they could acquaint themselves with the delights of London town.

They had all shot before but were not familiar with driven shooting. Whilst I flew up to Edinburgh in their plane with their luggage I arranged for them to be driven to Holland and Holland shooting school so they could come to grips with the driven bird. The plane returned to Heathrow and the clients were flown up to Edinburgh where transport was waiting to take them to Birkhill – ancestral home of the Earls of Dundee.

They stayed two nights and were entertained royally, not only with the Earl’s best port – he not being there – but were regaled with the sounds of the bagpipes played by a kilted baronet.Robert Hutchinson

They shot partridges and pheasants for the next two days and after day two flew to Norwich where transport awaited them to take them to South Pickenham Hall where they stayed for two nights and shot for two days.

This is the type of excursion that we can arrange for our clients and to show that we look after every eventuality, on day four I had to find a Roman Catholic priest as one of the party had to make a confession. We aim to please and I can confirm that he was much happier after his consultation.

Game Bird Shooting