We arrange all manner of shooting parties, from a morning of clays for complete novices to whole weeks for experienced guns. The parties can be a simple or grand as you wish them to be. All are bespoke.

We have access to shoots on grand Estates, such as Belvoir Castle, where it is also possible to stay. In addition to the excellent shooting, an overnight stay adds an extra dimension to the event, creating an unusual opportunity to impress your clients.

Hone your guns at a choice of Shooting Schools near London.
Enjoy the thrill of Red and Roe deer stalking at some exclusive estates in Scotland and England.
A Corporate Entertainment day at Bisley to include clay pigeon and the unique “running deer” and “running boar” range.

Cockhaise Shoot

Game Bird Shooting

Enjoy some of the finest shoots on grand Estates, such as Belvoir Castle, where we can also arrange for you to stay.

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We have pleasure in introducing Bisley and the National Rifle Association (NRA), the world’s best known and most varied shooting centre, as a unique and completely new venue for corporate entertainment.

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Boar Shooting

Spitfire Events can arrange boar shooting in France, Bavaria and Bulgaria.

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The opportunity to stay in a fully-staffed lodge exclusive to fishing or stalking, with the possibility that walked-up grouse can be included.

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